Keiser A-350 Biaxial Upper Back

Keiser قم بزيارة متجر

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  • Designed for fast-easy-precise eccentric overloading
  • It offers unilateral training
  • Fully adjustable machine to accommodate all range of users
  • Thumb buttons and large digital display at suitable positions
  • Offers Unique versatility-5 ways to train instead of only 1
  • Industry-leading lifespan and uptime for years of use
  • Comes with strong-base for added stability
  • Safe and secure product
  • Durable construction engineered for years of use
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The A350 Biaxial Upper Back is specially designed to isolate the muscles of the upper back. It is a very effective back training machine and its unilateral movement promotes muscle symmetry by preventing the strong side from helping the weaker side; the A350 Biaxial Upper Back’s low inertia design gives you a smooth resistance and is perfect for all people at any fitness level. It features a unique axis of rotation that allows a greater range of motion, a large digital display that shows resistance, sets, repetitions, and peak power, a thumb button at a suitable position that lets you change resistance without changing position, a chip system and integrated technology and compact footprint. With this machine, you can enjoy a pain-free range of motion, achieve your goals very faster, train at any speed as you wish, and have Unique versatility

رقم النوع 002035BP
Width 51 inch /1296 mm
Height 63inch /1600 mm
Depth 48inch /1219 mm
Weight 240 LBS/109 kg
Resistance 0 – 350 LBS/0 – 159 KG