Keiser Compressor 230V/50 10 Gal

Keiser قم بزيارة متجر

BHD 2,053

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  • The intelligent redundant system ensures the reliability
  • The dryer unit supplies clean-dry air for up to 18 Keiser machines
  • Aluminum trim is ideal for changing layouts
  • Stainless steel wall mount
  • Engineered for durability
  • Easily portable
  • Less weight compared to other iron-based machines
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KEISER 230V/50 10GAL COMPRESSOR features an intelligent redundant system, Aluminum trim, wall mount, and a dryer; the intelligent redundant system comes with two computer-controlled motors or compressors for reliability and a dryer that ensures clean, dry air for up to 18 Keiser machines; aluminum trim is a versatile system that unnoticeably hides the airline in aluminum trim and enables easy location of air outlets that’s ideal for constantly changing layouts. The wall mount is a stainless-steel plate that mounts flush with walls making air outlets as inconspicuous as electrical outlets at your gym.

رقم النوع 001031B
Weight 93kg
Dimensions 124.5 × 40.6 × 71.1 cm
Voltage 230V 50HZ