FAS Fun Teak Football Table

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About this item

  • Plywood cabinet
  • Chrome plated anti-rust steel rods
  • Tempered glass playing field
  • Unbreakable polyurethane grip handles
  • Utrahigh resistance
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Product Description

FAS Fun Teak Football Table features plywood cabinet, chrome plated anti-rust steel rods, tempered glass playing field, unbreakable polyurethane grip handles, ultrahigh resistance red and blue players, steel legs, nylon bearings make easy sliding for superb game experience.

FAS Fun Teak Football Table is known for its strength, comfort and durability. Suitable for both home and commercial purposes, the soccer table has been the best in this category. Features best attributes for making the game of table soccer more attractive and lively, FAS Fun Teak Football Table is considered as a must-have for both beginners and advanced players. Re-discover the game on FAS Fun Teak Football Table!

FAS Fun Teak football table is elegantly designed game table made of high-quality modern materials like plywood cabinet, Steel legs and chromed steel rods. Handles are built with durable polyurethane and nylon bearing in the handle rod make it slide better for more fluid gameplay. Fun Teak football allows you to customise by adding telescopic rods and glass.

Model Number 16030087
Playing field Dimension 114.5 x 70 cm
Package Weight 62kg
Colour Wooden
Cabinet Plywood
Legs Chromed steel rods that have been submitted to anti-rust treatment
Rods Ultra high resistance plastic players in red and blue moulded onto the rods
Handle Unbreakable polyurethane handles
Height 85 cm
Rod Diameter 16mm
Legs Diameter 7cm
Playfield 5mm tempered glass playing field
Goalkeeper Rotates 180°
Assembly Rods and legs must be mounted.