Anvil Hex Trap bar

Anvil قم بزيارة متجر

BHD 192

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  • Professional and durable weightlifting equipment
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Made of a tough and coarse texture
  • Designed to help you isolate muscle groups  
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وصف المنتج

The Anvil Hex Trap Bar is a multipurpose specialty barbell that combines a higher grip with a standard hex bar's flush handle. The deadlift, shrug, and pulls are three of the most important exercises that can be performed with this trap, or hex bar. The bar is made of precision-grade stainless steel, and throughout your workout, turning the bar will allow you to simply swap between one set of handles and the other. By doing thus, you concentrate on shrugs and reduce shoulder strain. Use this bar to focus only on your glutes, arms, legs, and abs.

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