5 Healthy foods that boost your Workout Energy

5 Healthy foods for Workout Energy

Have you ever felt weary and tired after a meal? Your body feels not good enough for a workout?. Then you’re missing some easy source of energy. Try to add some nutrition to your daily consumption list to increase productivity and a happier and more energised mood.

For a starter, Include these five foods to your daily meal, and you will feel lighter, better and Stimulated.

Dark Leafy Greens

It’s not a new knowledge that everyone should eat vegetables, especially the dark green leafy vegetables. These leaves are nutrient-dense and help you to maintain a healthy diet. And are the vital ingredient that assists to the weight loss.

Spinach, kale, broccoli and cabbage are the best choice and should eat at least 2 to 4 Cups of these vegetables per week.

Citrus Fruits

In general, Fruits have a reputation for being an energiser. Our body and brain always have an affection for natural sugars. But, Citrus Fruits have a peculiar ability to stimulate our sensory systems and revive our whole body. The essence of orange or grapefruit can lighten up our sense and sharpens our focus.

So, If you are an early riser, then start your workout session with juicy oranges or grapefruits. Drinking these juicy fruits also enlighten your day, so intake some before leaving for office. You can also try other citrus fruits, try blood orange, tangerine or mandarins.


Display of energy bars or snack packs near bill counter at your local grocery store is a common sight. It’s there for a good reason. These energy bars contain nuts and dried fruits, which helps you from crashing after the eating.

Nuts are a healthy source of vitamin, minerals and most importantly dietary fat. Nuts help you to replenish muscle glycogen and maintain the level of glucose during workouts. Almond, walnut, and cashew are best to fuel your movement during Fitness Training.


There is no need to say the importance of water during the workout. But some people forget to stay hydrated. Our brain would not work properly If it didn’t get enough hydration. So drink up enough quantity of water pre-workout and in the interval sessions. You can also add some lemon slice to harness the power citrus in your intake.

These Healthy Food habits can improve the productivity of your exercise, whether it’s a stretch, walk, run or High intensity. Be consistent in your food consumption, Don’t skip any mealtime, and you will feel more Stimulated and strengthened with more focused mind and body.

Dark Chocolate

If you are sceptical about the benefits of Chocolate in Fitness Training, Check the Research from Kingston University in London. They had found out a bittersweet can give athletes an edge in fitness training.

If you choose a low sugar dark chocolate, it can provide you with all nutritional value with minimal sugar effect on your body. Dark chocolates contain Vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants, all the components need for a perfect workout. Also Dark chocolate carries a small dose of caffeine. Although, the caffeine content is very little and didn’t much affect your body to worry about any jitter.