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Power Tower - Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is a power tower a good option?

A power tower is an ideal option when it comes to upper body and core. You can also add weight bench, push-up handles, or resistance bands to your power tower to increase effectiveness. Power towers are available in different prices with different features.


2. Is a gym power tower good for abs?

All the body parts can be worked on a gym power tower, but it is more effective on the core of the body. A gym tower can assist you in improving your workouts  and helps you get strong and firm abdominal muscles. 


3. What is a power tower used for?

A power tower can be used to build upper body and abdominal muscle strength. They are available in different weights and sizes to accommodate users of different weights. 


4. Which muscles does a gym power tower work?

Gym power can be very useful for biceps, forearms, chest, and several upper back muscles. They can be particularly effective for the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and rhomboid muscles.


5. What exercises are possible on a power tower?

You can perform all the bodyweight exercises on a power tower. These exercises include Pull up (pronated grip), Chin up (supinated grip), Dip – chest version, Dip – triceps version, Vertical chair knee raise, Low incline push up and Ab crunch.



For a full-body workout, a power tower is one of the most effective and efficient home training equipment. We can build and strengthen muscles with a variety of bodyweight workouts. You can't say no to a machine that can do so many things. Weightlifting is possible with a home gym power tower, which takes up less space and time, allows for a variety of workouts, and aids in the development of functional strength.



Benefits of a Power Tower


A power tower is a popular piece of gym equipment that serves as an all-in-one solution for any home gym. A power tower makes it easy to perform a range of workouts. A power tower is an excellent alternative if you have a small home gym but still want to get in good exercise. It can be thought of as a single piece of machinery with several functions.


A pull-up bar, dip station, vertical ab station, and push-up station can all be found on a power tower. If you have a power tower at home, you can avoid going to the gym and save a lot of time. Power Towers are lightweight and simple to assemble. You can easily move it around your house because it is not a large piece of equipment. They're also simple to put together and take apart. When you're tired of indoor workouts, you can even take it outside. Power towers are pricey, but they can be a long-term investment that is well worth the money.


If you acquire this single piece of equipment, you can save money on your gym membership as well as the cost of many other gym items. Power towers can also be used in conjunction with training accessories such as resistance bands, gymnastic rings, and weighted vests to increase the effectiveness of your workouts. Because of its height and stability, you may easily slip your gymnastic rings onto the pull-up bar.


The power tower can be encased in resistance bands. This equipment is suitable for both beginners and specialists. If you're not an expert but still want to try some bodyweight workouts on a power tower, resistance bands can help. When you utilize a power tower, these resistance bands help you lose weight. A pull-up bar is included with a power tower, which can help you strengthen your back muscles. The various pull-ups with the power help to improve your back and grip. Chin-ups, which help strengthen your forearms, can also be done on power towers. This piece of equipment is also excellent for triceps, biceps, and chest development.



Power Tower UAE Brands


Power towers of the highest quality and durability are available from a variety of brands in the UAE. All of the brands compete to deliver the most comfortable, user-friendly, and effective equipment. Body-Solid, Impulse Fitness, ProForm, Adidas, Knightshot, Bowflex, Drax Speedfit, Kaesun Fitness, Tunturi, TOTAL, Iron Gym, Insight Fitness, and Afton are some of the well-known manufacturers that sell power towers.



Where to find the best gym power tower?


The Active Fitness Store is the greatest fitness store for getting the best home gym equipment. We sell all of the well-known brands and provide the finest possible service. You don't have to be concerned about the product's quality or durability if you buy it from the Active Fitness Store. All of our items have been thoroughly tested and approved by well-known fitness professionals.

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