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Boxing gloves in a variety of sizes from leading manufacturers like Everlast and Sting are available at  Active Fitness Store also called Dubai boxing store.


Boxing gloves are cushioned gloves that boxers wear on their hands during fights and training sessions. Modern boxing gloves protect the hands of fighters during a fight, whereas contests, sparring, and other types of training necessitate their own set of gloves.

From 12 oz sparring gloves to heavier training gloves for hard exercises, see our variety of boxing gloves at the active fitness store today. Look for boxing gloves to take your martial arts to the next level while protecting your hands from harsh strikes.



Importance of boxing gloves


Gloves are always required in combat sports. The most popular and safe to wear gloves are boxing gloves. Only fists are allowed to be used in boxing. When boxing without gloves, the pace of a punch will be faster, and the impact will be more concentrated due to the lack of protection. As a result, there is a greater chance of cutting or ripping your opponent's skin. It's possible that you'll break your bones as well. Without gloves, both accidental and purposeful eye gouging with the thumb occurs.


All of these problems can be solved with a boxing glove. They form a fist around the hands and give a layer of protection to the back of the hand as well as the fingers, including the thumb. The fist will accelerate when the speed is reduced by the padding. As a result, the impact intensity on both the hands and the opponent will be lowered. Eventually, the game's safety improves.



Boxing Gloves Dubai Brands


Boxing Gloves Dubai brands are well-known and offer the highest level of protection and quality. If you expect to use your boxing gloves for a long time, it is always a good idea to get branded, high-quality gloves. Boxing gloves are a regularly used item, thus they will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. As a result, a tough product can withstand your abuse. Reebok Fitness, Everlast, Venum, Benlee, and Dawson Sports are some of the most popular boxing glove brands in Dubai. These are well-known companies that offer the best boxing gloves on the market.



What to look for while boxing gloves?


When it comes to selecting boxing gloves, your skill level is critical. The characteristics that will help you determine which boxing gloves to buy are sweat-wicking and durability. For novices who only train once or twice a week, a glove with high palm ventilation and breathable material is recommended. A thick outer, such as leather or synthetic leather, should be purchased for advanced boxers who practice two or three times each week.


Finding a reliable glove that can withstand wear and tear is recommended. To choose the best boxing gloves, there is a certain sizing system. Lace-ups or velcro boxing gloves are the most common options. Velcro gloves are secondhand coverings that provide extra wrist support. Lace-up gloves are more secure and tight. To convert lace-up gloves to velcro gloves, use a hook and loop converter.


Horsehair padding, foam cushioning, or a combination of the two are all options. 12oz gloves are a good choice for those searching for an all-around training glove. However, 14oz gloves are the most frequent all-rounder glove. When you're hitting the pads, your arms aren't overworked. The normal boxing gloves at the gym are 160z.


160z gloves can provide the necessary protection for larger people with larger hands. However, hitting with these gloves is quite difficult. For live sparring, 16oz gloves are advised for people weighing 65kg and higher. As a result, make sure to select boxing gloves that are appropriate for your skill level and size.

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