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At Assault Fitness, we're more than just manufacturers of fitness equipment; we're architects of a healthier lifestyle. Our mission encompasses more than crafting top-tier machinery; it's about empowering, nurturing, enlightening, and motivating individuals at all stages of their fitness path. From providing state-of-the-art exercise tools to fostering education and well-being, our commitment resonates globally, consistently pushing the boundaries to enhance life for people and communities worldwide.

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Brand Bikes

ASSAULT BIKES: The Athlete's Choice

Assault Bikes are renowned for their robust design and versatile functionality, catering to elite both athletes and fitness beginners. Designed to respond dynamically to the user's exertion, these bikes offer a uniquely engaging experience. Engineered with features that accommodate both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, Assault Bikes provide high-intensity workouts tailored to individual needs. The robust construction and sleek design ensure durability and optimal performance, making them a favourite in modern gyms and home fitness setups. Their seamless integration of technology and user-focused design has set a new standard in the industry.

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Brand Treadmills

ASSAULT TREADMILL: Train with Intensity

Assault Treadmills are a brand of high-intensity manual treadmills designed for robust training. Unlike traditional motorized treadmills, they are powered by the user's own movement, providing more natural and responsive feedback. This design encourages a more intense workout, as the belt only moves when you do, engaging more muscle groups and burning more calories. Often used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Assault Treadmills offer a varied and challenging cardiovascular experience tailored to individual pace and effort. Its unique mechanism and focus on self-propelled action make it a popular choice in modern gyms and fitness centres.

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Brand Rowers

ASSAULT ROWER: Dynamic Full-Body Fitness

Assault rowers are known for their air-resistance design, which offers a smooth and challenging workout. The resistance adjusts to the user's intensity, simulating the feel of rowing on water. Popular in fitness centres, CrossFit gyms, and home gyms, these rowers provide an effective full-body workout that emphasizes cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. The ergonomic design and adjustable features cater to various fitness levels, making Assault Rowers a versatile tool for training and conditioning. The Assault brand, associated with quality and performance, positions these rowers as a top choice among fitness enthusiasts.

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Gyms and fitness enthusiasts globally prefer Assault Fitness equipment for their workout routines.

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