5 New Year Fitness Resolution to Make yourself Fitter and Healthier

New Year Fitness Resolution

Every new year is an opportunity to make some resolute Fitness plan for the year ahead. But sticking to our plans throughout the year is an audacious task.

Don’t worry we here recommend the simplest and best steps towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle. First of all, don’t complicate your ideas on fitness resolutions. Just start with these 5 Steps.

1. Start your day with protein-dense breakfast

It’s the most necessary things every person who has concerns about their health must do, Have a protein and nutrient-rich breakfast. Never ever try to skip the morning meal. Your all-day depends on what you consume in the morning. When you start your day off right with the right quantity of protein (along with healthy fats), it will increase your long-term satiety.

2. Take interval during Workout

If you don’t work out regularly, Please try to make regularity in your training in the first place. If you’re a routine trainer, Then try to keep some interval time during your workout session.

Adding some break time to workout schedule will help your body to burn out fat and revive your muscle stress. The best choice is to shoot for three 10 minute interval session during your daily workout.

3. Work on Your Weak Exercise

Most persons spent their training time in the exercises they are good at. I prefer cardio over Strength training. For me, running on a treadmill is a lot easier than squat or bench press or even free weights. But Some others, who are pretty good squat may choose Split squat than treadmills.

But, we all need to change this habit. Train for your weakness. Working on things that you are not good at will help you to improve your overall body movements, Performance and body composition. Try a whole-body workout plan and shake up all your body muscles. I can promise, you’ll see a significant lift.

4. Find a good Training Partner

We all love listening to music during the workout. But it will be more interesting when we exercise with a partner. A partner can motivate you, help to push you to the limits and make the workout more exciting and funnier.

5. Shoot for 8 hours of sleep

Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, ensure you get at least an eight hours of sleep. Your Fitness and health level directly depend on the quality and amount of the sleep you get. Even with the best diet and food habits, sleep deprivation can cause fatigue.

It’s during sleep, our body repair and consolidate memory, and release hormones. So, must give your body enough sleep and rest for a healthier lifestyle.