Finding the Perfect Rowing Machine

Finding the Perfect Rowing Machine

If you are interested in a full-body workout, then you should go for a rowing machine. A rower will help you to engage all your major muscle groups. It will also help work both your upper and lower body at the same time. But when you choose a rowing machine, everybody is confused. The vast number of brands and the different types will put the decision making into a solid phase. This buying guide is to help you with the important things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a rower machine for you. This guide gives you an exact outline of what are the things to consider. So let’s start.

First of all, let's check out the basics of a rowing machine. Getting a rowing machine is an effective way to spice up your cardio routine. It is also a calorie buster, a good leg, and a core workout. Rowing machines can be classified into four types based on the resistance systems. They are air, water, hydraulic piston, and magnetic. Each of them has its benefits and features. You can choose the one for you according to your requirements.

It is the fitness center that uses the air resistance rowing machines commonly. They are the best to provide a smooth, natural rowing stroke. The water resistance is the best in giving life-like rowing experience. It is the magnetic resistance rowers that are very quiet and easy to maintain. They also deliver a smooth, rowing motion. If you need an affordable rowing machine, it will be hydraulic resistance rowers. Another advantage is that they are compact and easy to store.

Available Space

If you have ample personal space for a gym, it is excellent. Otherwise, you have to be aware of the space you have for your workouts and then consider the size of the rower you want. Choose the one that will comfortably fit in your available space. Remember that rowing machines are longer than the other workout equipment.

It will be beneficial if you take the measurements of the space you are planning to place your rower. Compare this with the dimensions of the rowing machine to make sure if it can fit in the area. There should be space for your hands to move freely when you are rowing. If you are a person with height more than average, check out for rowers with longer seat rails as their legs will need a little more space for you to extend them when you are rowing fully.

Your Fitness Goals

Before buying a rower, you must know what the fitness goals you are planning to achieve with it are. There will be some rowers best for some purposes. To cite an example, a hydraulic rower will be the best to tone your muscles and make them bulkier because it will let you choose different levels of resistance. You can select any of the rowing machines if your goal is to lose weight. To enhance your workouts, you can select rovers with preset programs.

Number of Users

You must also consider the number of people using the rower. Cheap rowers cannot handle heavy use. The weight of the people using the rower must also be taken into consideration. The importance of the users should be below the maximum weight the rowing machine can hold. If you buy a rower without considering these factors, your rower will become useless, and your money will be wasted.

The Monitor of the Rowing Machine

Rowing machines mostly come with a monitor. The difference is that some will be more advanced than others. It is you who should decide whether you need a rower with an advanced monitor or a rower with a basic monitor. If you choose a basic one, it will display workout data like your distance, time, and speed. You should go for an advanced performance monitor if you need features like heart rate monitoring, calorie counter, racing games, and/or preset programs. Buy such rowers only if you are sure about using these features. Such rowers will be expensive. A basic rower will be sufficient for a full-body workout regardless of what is shown on the monitor.

Essential Features

Apart from the advanced features, there are certain key features you must look for in a rowing machine. You must always look for a product with features that makes you more comfortable, like the seat, the handlebar, and the footplates. It is good to choose padded seats and handlebars. The footplates must be ideally pivoted to make them more comfortable. The height of the seat also has to be checked. People who are tall and those with mobility issues will struggle on a low seat. You should also look for the ease with which you can fold the rower and move it to a safer place when not in use. If you are opting for a heavier rowing machine, make sure that it has wheels for easy transportation.


The budget is a crucial aspect while purchasing any equipment. You have to choose the features that will fit your budget. Rowing machines of all price ranges are available in the market. But if you want a durable and quality one, you should be ready to pay a decent amount. Cheaper ones will not last more than a year.

It is advisable to buy a rowing machine above AED 3000 for quality results. Anything below this price range will not last long. The recommended range for a rowing machine is something between AED 3500-5000. You will get a good quality rower with necessary features in this range. If you wish to high-end models with advanced features, you will have to look for one above the range of AED 5000.

Final Thoughts

Buying a rowing machine is not the task. The task is to choose the best one that will fit all your needs. Do not jump to buy the first product that you see when you decide to buy a rowing machine. Take some time to research and find the best out of the humpty number of products available. Scrutinize the results you get. At last, you will find the perfect one for you. These factors will help you a great deal for sure.