Active Fitness Store Is Rooting for Milos Pesic To Create a World Record!!

 Milos Pesic is all set to create a world record with Active Fitness Store

Active Fitness Store joined hands with the Serbian-born, Dubai-based professional personal trainer and fitness enthusiast Milos Pesic in creating a new World Record. The popular home gym equipment seller in the GCC region, Active Fitness Store is sponsoring a Concept 2 Rower to carry out his world-record goal of doing 30-day Rowing Marathon in 30 uninterrupted days so as to create a world record. This record attempt is happening from 29 Oct to 27 Nov 2021 where Milos will be rowing 42 KMs daily. Milos has already broken a world record by rowing for a day on 5th October 2020 and had raised funds for the treatment of a Serbian girl.

Milos was born in 1989 in Serbia and he later shifted to North East where he worked as a personal trainer in Kuwait and later was promoted to head coach and personal training and group fitness manager. Milos managed to build up a CrossFit 965 team and qualified for the last Regionals hosted by CrossFit games in Madrid. Milos, being an experimentalist, then tried to challenge himself by competing in a few Brazilian JiuJitsu tournaments in Kuwait with two podium finishes. He was even promoted into the blue belt after two years.
Milos Pesic, along with his friends, has won a rowing charity competition and used the prize money for charity. He has now left Kuwait and moved to Dubai seeking new challenges. His attempt to create a world record by doing 30-Days rowing marathons continuously for 30 days is the next target he is aiming for.


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Active Fitness Store finds it their pleasure to sponsor Milos Pesic in his attempt for a world record. Active Fitness Store is sponsoring the prominent rowing machine from Concept 2 as they find it the best to accomplish his rowing mission.
Suhail Asharaf and Ajith Prakash, the CEOs of Active Fitness Store said, “We are more than thrilled to be a part of this event. It is our honor to sponsor the Concept 2 rower to Milos Pesic as our company promotes athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. We are sure that the Concept 2 rower will be the ideal choice to carry out his aim successfully.

concept 2 rowing machine
concept 2 indoor rower

The rower from Concept 2 is the most convenient product with all the features to make rowing more effective and interesting. With a rating of 4.5 of 5, the Concept 2 rower is quite popular among customers. Good quality, durability, and design add to the acceptance of the product.

The rower features a Performance Monitor that displays several workouts to choose from and also shows data on pace, calories, watts, and stroke rate. It has a spiral damper to adapt the airflow to the flywheel and Bluetooth connectivity along with a smartphone holder. Adjustable footrests are yet another advantage of the Concept 2 rower. A rowing machine like the Concept 2 rower can provide both aerobic exercise and strength training.

Creating a world record is not a piece of cake for all. It requires a lot of hard work, passion, and experience. Milos Pesic is trying to make use of all the knowledge and experience he has earned along with his hard work to make his attempt a success. His passion and enthusiasm are sure to fetch him his goal.

We, along with all the fitness and sports lovers, wish Milos all the best for his attempt and hope that the world is waiting to hear good news from him.

Milos Pespic world record certificate