13 Tips to choose the Perfect Workout Clothes

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There has been a huge transition of workout clothes from the past few years and now it has become an athleisure. These workout clothes not only make you look like a fashionista but also add comfort and improvements to your workout. The clothes you wear for a workout have an impact on how you feel after a workout too.

Easy Tips To Choose The Perfect Workout Clothes

Workout clothes have a crucial role to play in your daily workout routine. If you are a beginner and your workout clothes are making you uncomfortable, it is more likely that you may quit your fitness sessions very soon. You may also feel self-conscious or restricted during your workout and thus may lose your self-confidence.

So let us discuss some factors that will help you choose the best exercise clothes for you.

1. Choose according to the activity you do

You can wear the same clothes for every workout. But if you use activity-appropriate clothing, you can make some workouts more comfortable and enjoyable. To cite an example, padded cycling shorts may be for running or group exercise classes, but they will be the ideal ones that make long bike rides comfortable. For running, you can choose running shorts. Try to look for clothing that is specifically designed for the activity you do. Thus you will be able to do your activity comfortably with ease.

2. Look for comfort

Exercise clothes you choose have to be unrestrictive. It has to be easily vented to avoid overheating. They should be designed to suit your activity such that you do not have to worry about your clothes when you are doing exercises. Clothes with thick seams, tight sleeves, or a back that rides up frequently can make you uncomfortable during your workouts. Thus, you won’t be able to enjoy your workout. Try your workout clothes before you buy and make sure that they are comfortable for you.

3. Go for clothes of wicking material

You can find workout clothes of different materials in the market. From old-fashioned cotton exercise clothes to today’s scientifically designed synthetic fiber clothes, workout clothes have evolved a lot. The material of the work out outfits has to divert sweat away from your skin and through the material for easy evaporation. This ability of the material is known as wicking. Thus your skin remains dry and comfortable.

Cotton and other natural fibers are not known to be good wickers. Cotton absorbs moisture like a sponge, be it sweat or water. Another disadvantage of cotton outfits is that when they are wet, they become heavy and they cling to your body. Thus the shape of the outfit will be lost. The wet cloth may cool down chafing the skin. This will also cause the muscle to cramp because of the cold. Many synthetic and technical materials are very good at wicking. You must choose clothing made from wicking materials while you run, cycle, hike, or do any type of workout that makes you sweat.

4. Choose materials with antimicrobial properties

Even if you wash your clothes regularly, when you put them on and start to warm up, a foul smell arouses. It is not because you haven't washed your clothes properly, it is because microbes are trapped inside the fibers of your clothes which can’t be removed by washing. Buying clothes with anti-microbial properties will solve this issue. Clothes with anti-microbial properties are less likely to develop odors.

5. High-visibility clothing for night workouts

Workout time differs from person to person. If you workout at night outdoors, you have to wear workout clothes that are highly visible so that other road users can easily see you. So choose bright colors and reflective strips in your outfit. Even though black is flattering it would make you invisible to others at night. Bright reflective clothing has to be your choice for night outdoor workouts to make you visible to other road users.

6. UV Protection for Daytime Outdoor Workouts

UV Protected clothing will be very helpful for those working out in the sunshine. Experts suggest 20-30 minutes of sun exposure to enhance the Vitamin D supply in your body. But in the places where sunlight is too strong and for sun-sensitive people, protection from sunlight is very essential. The exercise clothing with UV protection has the SPF system and acts like sunscreens. Therefore, make sure to choose workout clothes with UV protection if you are planning workouts outdoors in the sun.

7. Layerable clothing for winters

During winters and cold months, you will need more than one layer of clothing, especially during outdoor training and in some instances, indoors too. You can keep a winter exercise wardrobe for such months, but there is a cost-effective way you can try. Combining layers from your regular workout clothing will keep you warm. If you choose layering, you can remove a layer to regulate temperature when you feel like you have warmed up. While layering, your base layer has to be close fitting and the top layers can be loose-fitting clothes. For outdoor exercises in the winter, use a hat and gloves too.

8. Get the right fit

Try to wear gym attire that is loose and comfortable. But for activities like running or biking, you must avoid wide-leg or loose pants as they may tangle up on your pedals. Use stretchy, fitted fabrics that wick away sweat for activities like pilates or yoga. On the whole, you must ensure to choose clothing that does not interfere with your activities.

9. Wear according to the seasons

When you exercise outdoors or play seasonal sports, you will have to change your attire according to the seasons. Use fabrics that allow your skin to breathe and wick sweat away for warm summer days. Your exercise clothing has to be cool and comfortable on such days. You should be able to move freely with the clothes you wear.

You have to dress warmly when it is cold outside. You can dress in layers that are removable on such days. Make sure to dress for weather that's warmer than what the thermometer outside says. Your inner layer has to be sweat-wicking clothes and put on an insulating layer on its top. To get perfect protection from the cold, cover your head, ears, and hand.

When the weather is wet or windy you may get soaked in rain or caught in the wind. So you need to have an outer layer to protect your skin from the elements.

10. Special exercise wears

Apart from the other workout attire, there are certain other things too that will help you to have a good workout session. A sports bra and the perfect workout shoes are the top products among these. If both these aren’t fit for you, it will wrench your workout.

11. Choosing a Sports bra

Your regular underwear cannot withstand heavy and rigorous workouts. If your underwear is uncomfortable and unsupportive it may not only cause pain and discomfort but also affect your performance. If your breasts aren’t supported with a well-fitted bra, they move significantly during workouts. When you do heavy-impact workouts, your breasts move more. This may lead to post-workout breast pain. So a supportive bra is a must while choosing exercise clothes for women.

Get a sports bra with medium or high support if you have fuller breasts. You will need them even for low-impact exercises such as yoga or walking. Sports bras provide support and minimize bounce. They will keep you comfortable with every activity you do.

12. Choose the perfect footwear

Most people stock different workout clothes but use a single pair of shoes for all activities. People are unaware about the importance of a footwear for the workout. This is what makes people use running shoes for different activities for which they aren’t suited.

Running shoes are shock absorbent. They are not ideal for cycling or heavyweight training as they distort and compress. Thus you will lose your energy. Similarly, a firm pair of shoes will be perfect for weight training but would be uncomfortable for running. If you are someone who does different activities, cross-training shoes will be the best choice for you instead of running shoes. Try to buy footwear that matches the activity you do. If you can afford specialist workout shoes, it will boost your performance and also lasts longer.

13. Special benefits with compression wear

Compression wears are specially designed sportswear that is supportive and functional. They are made from Lycra-type fabric and they help to compress the muscles. They minimize muscle vibrations, keep you warm, and increase blood and lymphatic flow. Compression wears are known for their benefits like better performance, shorter recovery time, reduced muscle fatigue, fewer cramps, and lower risk of injury. If you are someone who trains hard, or trains in cold weather, or suffers from aches and pains, you will need extra support. Compression clothing can be highly useful to them. They come in different forms like leggings, shorts, tops, sleeves, and socks. Powerlifting support gear is a more specialized form of supportive workout clothing.

Final Thoughts

Your workout clothing has a very big role to play in your workout. Make sure your clothes are comfortable and perfect for the activity you do. Your underwear and footwear also need to be taken care of. Make the best choice to enjoy a comfortable yet fruitful workout session.