Finding the Perfect Foosball Table

Finding the Perfect Foosball Table

A foosball table at home, isn’t it something exciting? It can be very entertaining for families as well as friends. Foosball is a perfect option for an intense yet fun-filled game. The main goal of foosball is to score the most goals against your opponent. You will have to skillfully move a small ball across the table’s surface with the help of little men that are attached to the playing rods to score the goal. The table has eight rods in total. Each team will have control of four rods. The handles or grips on them help to know which ones are yours to control. People of all ages can enjoy a foosball game. The game is straightforward to learn and play.

Buying a foosball table is not as easy as you may think. There are lots and lots of brands available in the market. If you do not have an idea of the requirements of a good foosball table, there is more chance of you wasting your money on a cheap product that is of no use. So, understand the basics of a foosball table to find the perfect one for your home. Get to know everything you need to know about a foosball table through this article. So here we begin.

Types of Foosball Tables

Types of Foosball Tables

You will get different types of foosball tables in the market. You must know them clearly before you purchase one for yourself. This will help you to get a quality table that will ensure smooth gameplay for the years to come.

Standard Foosball Table

This is the most familiar foosball table for almost everyone, which is a full-size gaming table. It will stay in one place and is usually made of solid wood, which makes it heavier. You get lightweight ones too, that are made of a combination of real wood and MDF particleboard. Standard foosball tables last for long years as they are manufactured from solid, high-quality components. They are even heavy-duty models that can be kept outside. Those on a low budget can consider the size of the table. The cheaper tables are not full-size ones, which is quite okay for some home plays.

Standard Foosball Table
Coin-Operated Foosball Tables

Coin-Operated Foosball Tables

These are the tables you mostly find in businesses like arcades and sports bars. They require coins to play. They are the most expensive type of tables due to the extra components for taking money. As a lot of customers will use them, these tables have to be extra secure. So they are ultra heavy duty ones.

Combination Game Tables

A combination game table is the best choice if you are planning to buy a foosball table just for your kids to have fun. You can convert this table into several different types of table games, all in one table. They can be used as foosball, air hockey, and billiards table. These tables are usually of high quality and come in full size or size nearly close to it. Those who would like to play many games but does not have room for a game table for each game can go for combination game tables. They will fall into your budget too.

Combination Game Tables
Points to Consider While Buying a Foosball Table

Points to Consider While Buying a Foosball Table

Once you are aware of the types of foosball tables, you should know about the standard features you must look at while buying a foosball table. There are different features. The price of the product determines the features of the product. The features you find in high-end ones will not be available in the cheaper models. You can decide which of the features you see more relevant and look for a model considering those features.


For a standard full-size table, you need to look for a 56-inches long and 30-inches full table. Do not forget that width does not include fully extended rods. You should get the width with the rods extended if you do not have much space in your home. You should have at least a playing area of 7-feet by 8-feet for your foosball table.

Goalie Configuration

While some foosball tables are single-man goalies, some others are three-person goalies. So you will have to decide which one you will need. For people who need a fast-paced game, a three-goalie setup will be perfect. A one-person goalie setup will be useful for those who need a game that requires more skill and precision. You should go to the single-man goalie table if you are trying to improve your skills. Kids and beginners should use the three-person goalie setup. Most of the high-end tables with a three-person goalie setup are convertible to a one-person goalie setup.

Counter Weighted Men

You must choose a table that has counterweighted men if you want to have professional gameplay. They stay in a horizontal position when you release them. It is effortless. You don’t have to worry about them getting in your way when you’re taking a shot. So, having counterweighted men on the playing rods will elevate your gameplay.

Table Levelers

You will have to choose a foosball table that has table levelers if you are expecting fair gameplay. There are different types of levelers. But the fundamental goal will be the same for all. Therefore, always consider a foosball table with levelers so that you can have fair gameplay.

Playing Rods

Make sure that you purchase a foosball table that has playing rods made of steel. Do not compromise on this. Hollow rods are not so heavy, so they speed up your gameplay. The high-end foosball tables mostly use hollow rods. The mid-level foosball tables use solid steel rods.


In terms of construction, foosball tables vary in the material they are made with. Usually, solid wood, composite, and plastic boards are the main materials used in the construction of foosball tables. The high-end models will be made of solid wood, while the cheaper ones will be of the plastic board. Composite comes in between these two models. But, the composite tables have some advantages over the solid ones. The wood of the solid wood tables is subject to humidity. So if you keep these tables in a humid climate, there are chances of the table getting damaged. Composite tables do not have this problem. If you choose a one-inch thicker composite table, it will be highly durable. Particleboards will not last long as they are made of cheap quality material. Over time, it gets weak and will bend or break. Particleboard tables are too lightweight. So it is better to avoid such tables.

Table Surface

This is a point that has to be seriously taken care of. Look for the product description of the product to make sure of the table surface. It is always better to have a table surface with a laminate rather than stick-on designs because the stick-on designs can peel off or roll-up. The cheap particle board tables usually use stick-on designs. Stick-on field markings also must be avoided.

Speed is another thing to look for while considering the table surface. If the table has a harder and smoother surface, your ball will travel faster during the game. Foosball tables with solid wood finish surface will slow ball travel. You should find a table that offers quick ball travel if you want professional gameplay.

Skill Level and Foosball Tables

You can select foosball tables based on the skill of the player. So here is how you should choose a foosball table according to the player’s skill level.

Beginners and Kids

A tabletop model will be the best choice for kids as well as beginners who do not have any experience in foosball. A regular foosball table will be very tall for the kids. Another reason for choosing a mini tabletop is that these are cheap and can bear the abuse kids often do. A cheap particle board table can be the choice for a person who is trying to learn foosball. You can upgrade your table once you start improving your level in the game.


For people who are used to the game but do not play the game very often, a mid-level table can be the choice. Purchase a good quality table with smooth moving solid steel rods, durable composite construction, a flat playing surface, and useful features.


You have to choose the best foosball table if you are an advanced player. The table has to be high quality, feature-rich, and durable. It should last a very long time. Most high-end foosball tables feature a sturdy cabinet, solid legs, and look attractive. They will have hollow rods and will move smoothly. There will be a flat playing surface that will allow fair smooth gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a clear idea of what a foosball table is and how to choose one. Look for all the specifications of the product and compare it with your needs before you buy it. If you buy a high-end model, make sure it offers a warranty. So, why wait now? Order the product and start your game now.