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Nautilus stands as a benchmark in the fitness industry, renowned as the originator of the contemporary commercial gym. In 1970, Nautilus transformed the fitness landscape by implementing its unique Nautilus cam design into a broad spectrum of circuit training gear. Today, Nautilus continues to serve consumers through retail outlets, maintaining its eminent reputation by creating home-based cardio and strength solutions.

Nautilus centres around performance. With a full assortment of cardio equipment for vigorous cross-training, running, or cycling, Nautilus is the preferred brand for dedicated athletes who aspire to exceed their limits and anticipate their equipment to meet those expectations. Catering to every demand of a serious competitor's home-based cardio regimen, Nautilus continually motivates you to reach your peak performance.

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Brand Treadmills


Nautilus treadmills are high-performance fitness machines known for their durability, cutting-edge technology, and comfort. They feature robust motor power, a broad speed range, and an adjustable incline for a custom workout. Key features include heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity, and immersive workout programs. Users praise Nautilus for its easy-to-read console and the user-friendly Nautilus Trainer app, which offers adaptive workouts and fitness tracking. The treadmills' quiet operation, generous running area, and high user weight limit also draw commendation. Nautilus treadmills are renowned in the fitness industry for their blending of robust performance, technological sophistication, and user comfort, making them a top choice for home workouts.

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Brand Ellipticals


Nautilus ellipticals are celebrated fitness machines that provide a comprehensive, low-impact workout. With their durable design and smooth motion, they stand out in their category. Customers particularly appreciate the multiple resistance levels, pre-programmed workouts, and heart rate monitoring capabilities. Users also love the Dual Track multi-LCD display for easy tracking. The moving handlebars for an upper-body workout distinctively position Nautilus ellipticals in the fitness industry. Overall, these ellipticals combine user friendliness with advanced technology, making them a popular choice for home workouts.

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Undertake Worldwide Fitness Journeys - Nautilus Equipment with "The Explore the World™ App

Enhance your fitness journey with the Nautilus equipment integrated with "The Explore the World™ App." This innovative app enables you to embark on virtual expeditions across the globe, all while effortlessly synchronizing with the speed of your Bluetooth-enabled Nautilus fitness products.

Choose from a wide array of high-definition destinations and course lengths using the app, ranging from picturesque 5K runs through the serene Japanese countryside to challenging 10K routes amidst the majestic Scottish Highlands. Push your limits by conquering full marathons along the vibrant streets of Prague and discovering new destinations regularly, as the app adds fresh locations every month. What’s more?

  • Travel the globe virtually, accessing numerous destinations.
  • Track your weekly progress and enjoy adaptive video playback based on your speed.
  • Maintain a progress journal to enhance your performance through effective tracking.
  • Easily synchronize your data with Apple Health or your Strava® account for seamless integration.

Get ready to challenge yourself, reach new fitness heights, and discover new destinations.

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