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Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer

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About this item

  • Most comprehensive, portable All-In-One Trainer
  • Full of brand-new features that let you personalize every workout
  • Swing arm was added for boxing and climbing exercises
  • 2:1 cable ratio produces more powerful exercises
  • Included 30 attachments.
  • Solutions for convenient storage
  • Thick, heavy gauge steel tubing is used throughout
  • Rubber and tough PVC are used in high-use areas to increase durability.
  • Anti-rust protection and a long-lasting clear coating.
  • Eco-friendly, top-quality powder coating for commercial use.
  • Brand origin: USA

Force USA

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G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer
AED 45,675

Total Price: AED 45,835


Model Number F-G20-BASE
Frame 11 Gauge/ 3mm Structured Rolled SteelForce with 50 Adjustment Points
Weight Stack Dual Weight Stacks (130kg/289lbs) 
Accessories Included 30 Attachments
Item Dimensions (LWH) 169 x 190 x 230 cm (Add 152.4cm with the Swing Arm attachment)
Item Weight 620 Kg
Other Features Anti-rust protection and a long-lasting clear coating.
Brand Origin USA


Cable 2000 Lb (907kg) weight rating
Tube Thickness Thick, heavy gauge steel tubing 
Pulley Ratio 2:1 Cable Pulley Ratio
Maximum User Weight 450 Kg
No of Exercises Endless variety of full-body exercises
Racking Positions 14

Product Description

The G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer, the next development in Force USA's G-series, is the most comprehensive, portable trainer ever created. This machine is unbeatable because it combines a commercial-grade Functional Trainer, a Smith Machine (450 kg), a Power Rack, a Chin Up Station, and a Leg Press with 30 attachments and updated features like a Swing Arm and a 2:1 Cable Ratio. This beast, which was created and engineered in our professional training labs, is constructed from incredibly durable, heavy-duty, high-tensile steel. A brand-new era in your strength training is about to begin!

Monster All-In-One Strength Machine

The Force USA® G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer is ready for any type of training or exercise you can think of. Depending on your program, isolate each muscle group and quickly switch between the upper and lower bodies.

  • Split training and strength
  • Powerlifting and Bodybuilding
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Explosive and Plyometric Training

For the upcoming generation of strength and fitness athletes, the G20 Pro All-In-One offers unmatched toughness, safety, and performance.

For Better Session Flow, Better Personalization

The G20 Pro is jam-packed with brand-new features that let you tailor each workout to your particular requirements and enhance session flow. This comprises:

  • For quicker and simpler loading and unloading, there are additional holes at the back spaced 100mm apart that allow you to use the 10-weight plate holders at the height of your choice.
  • In comparison to the previous G20, the westside hole spacing is now fitted to the entire length of the upright, enabling more precise weight adjustments.
  • A heavy-duty, adjustable Low Row Foot Plate that can be adjusted will give you more mobility and stable positioning during Seated Rows.

Added swing arm for boxing and climbing work

The G20 Pro expands your training options with a convenient 5-foot Swing Arm with 6 lock-in positions (0-90 degrees).

  • Add boxing to your training regimen and hook on a 3-5ft Punching Bag (up to 60kg/133lbs). The best method for burning calories, toning your upper body, and creating heat.
  • You can also put on an Endless Rope Trainer to develop your core, biceps, upper back, and lats while increasing your stamina and agility. Depending on how your set-up is oriented, the Swing Arm can be bolted to either side of your trainer.

2:1 cable ratio does it all

The Dual Weight Stacks (130kg/289lbs) now have a 2:1 cable ratio, delivering more explosive exercises, more varied weight increments (2.5kg), and a longer cable reach. The high-tensile aircraft-grade cables have a staggering weight rating of 2000 lbs (907 kg).

At the front of your unit, you can carry out a virtually limitless array of total-body exercises, such as:

  • Chest Press
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Bicep Curls
  • Leg Kickbacks
  • Cable Flys
  • Lat Pulldowns

The commercial sliders and pop-pin adjustments feel upscale, making all of your cable work simple and effortless.

30 included attachments

The G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer is equipped with the widest selection of attachments ever released with an all-in-one trainer to keep your workouts interesting. Each item has a black finish and high-grade powder coating. What is included:

  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Short Straight Bar
  • Tricep V Bar
  • Core Trainer with Rotating Holder
  • A Bar Row Handle
  • Long Straight Bar
  • Tricep Rope
  • Adjustable Leg Press Footplate
  • Swing Arm
  • Metal Handles (Pair)
  • Nylon Handles (Pair)

Core trainer and band peg training options

With the Core Trainer Attachment, you can perform more dynamic exercises during your workouts, such as Shoulder Presses, T-Bar Rows, Squats, Core Rotations, and many more. It can be used with Standard or Olympic sized barbells.

The unit's base has laser-cut holes made just for Band Pegs so they can deliver resistance training while using your Smith Bar.

Engineered for superior performance

You'll quickly understand why Force USA keeps raising the bar with its strength gear. The Force USA® G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer features the following:

  • Professionally sealed bearing pulleys will give your cable exercises a natural, fluid motion.
  • There are 50 adjustment points for your J-Hooks, Spotter Arms, and Jammer Arms on the front uprights.
  • Roller J-Hooks to secure your barbell and place it properly before lifting.
  • It is simple to consistently place attachments at the same height thanks to laser etching of numbers.

Small footprint, Endless variety

The space-saving G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer is designed for setups in garages, basements, spare rooms, and studios and fits a remarkable number of training options into a small footprint. The unit measures 190 cm (W) x 169 cm (L) x 230 cm (H), plus a further 152.4 cm (W) for the Swing Arm Attachment, which can be mounted on either side of the unit.

G20™ upgrade kit or lat row are included in package

  • Two Jammer Arms that can be fastened to the upright for explosive work, bench pressing, and shoulder pressing are available.
  • You can isolate the Quads, Glutes, and Hamstrings with the help of the sturdy, high-density, sweat-resistant Leg Extension / Leg Curl Attachment.
  • Convenient Dip Bars for the front of the unit will aid in triceps, shoulders, and chest strength development.
  • The Lat Row and Lat Pulldown Station also includes Multi-Grip Dip Handles and an additional 130 kg (289 lb) weight stack.

What's Included?

  • Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar
  • Globe Chin-Up Bar
  • Swing Arm
  • Suspension Trainer Hook
  • Roller J-Hooks (Pair)
  • Monolifts (Pair)
  • Front Safeties (Pair)
  • Core Trainer with Rotating Holder
  • A Bar Row Handle
  • Long Straight Bar
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Small Straight Bar
  • Tricep V Bar
  • Multi-Grip Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Close Grip Triangle
  • Metal Handles (Pair)
  • Nylon Handles (Pair)
  • Triceps Rope
  • Adjustable Leg Press Footplate
  • Low Row Foot Plate
  • Lat Pulldown Knee Anchor
  • Calf Block
  • 4x Band Pegs
  • 4 x Extension Chains
  • 2 x Olympic Lock Collars
  • 10 x Spring Collars (50mm)
  • 10 x Weight Plate Holders
  • 7 x Carabiners
  • Barbell Storage x 2
  • Attachment Hooks
  • Exercise Charts
  • Ankle Cuff