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Body Solid EXM3000LPS Multi Station

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About this item

  • Ideal for total-body strength-building exercises
  • Comes with  210-pound weight stacks
  • Perfect for commercial or home gyms
  • Allows for a 420-pound leg press.
  • It can accommodate users of all sizes
  • Seated row/low pulley station for a strong back & good posture
  • Brand origin: Chicago

Body Solid

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Product Description

The Body-Solid Multi-Station Selectorized Gym (EXM3000LPS) offers a weight room full of exercise options in a small amount of space. This machine is perfect for use in commercial or residential gyms because it has seven stations, each of which targets a different major muscle group.

Additionally, it has two 210-pound weight stacks that feed three stations, allowing several people to work out simultaneously. Each weight stack is completely encircled by two full-length, solid steel shrouds for increased safety and aesthetics. DuraFirm back and seat cushions can be adjusted to fit users of all sizes and are durable enough to withstand repeated use without bottoming out.

A multi-function press arm station offers bench press, incline press, shoulder press, and chest-supported mid-row exercises, whereas a fully adjustable perfect pec station with range limiters enables users to penetrate deeper muscles for quicker, more defined results.

The Leg Press/Calf Press Station's 2:1 weight ratio enables the home gym to accommodate a 420-pound leg press. A unique two-bar linkage allows the leg press plate to self-align with the user's body. Use the lat pulldown/high pulley station to perform cable crossovers, triceps press downs, and lat pulldowns with pillow blocks and sealed ball bearings for precise alignment and friction-free movement.

The ab crunch/mid pulley station is an effective way to build the triceps and abs. As you strengthen your legs, the leg developer station works your hamstrings and quadriceps. The leg developer station works the quadriceps and hamstrings during the most challenging leg curls and extensions while strengthening the knees through careful biomechanical form. The seated row/low pulley station provides back strengthening and posture improvement exercises.


Multi-Press Station

With three stations in one, fully adjustable pads for users of every size, and full-range motion workouts. Designed structurally and biomechanically for maximum chest, back, and shoulder concentration.

Leg Press/ Calf Press Station

Unique two-bar linkage self-aligns the leg press plate's angle to the user's body, preventing ankle torsion and ensuring proper biomechanics throughout the entire range of motion for users of all sizes. For precise alignment and friction-free movement, includes pillow block and sealed ball bearings. The 210 lb. weight stack becomes 420 lb. of resistance at a 2:1 ratio. Features a two-position press plate with an adjustable back pad for complete leg and calf development.

Perfect Pec Station

Dual overhead cams with six increment settings per arm offer variable starting positions and enable precise prestretch with the best biomechanical movement. It is a dual-purpose station that guarantees the greatest possible growth of the pectoral and rear deltoid muscles.

Lat Pulldown / High Pulley Station

Ideal for boosting your back, shoulder, and triceps muscles' size, strength, and endurance. Unique, simple-to-access hold-down rollers are adjustable to fit users of all sizes.

Ab Crunch / Mid Pulley Station

Your abdominal and oblique muscles will help you develop a lean, muscular waist if you isolate them completely. Unique design also enables the highest level of comfort when performing triceps extension exercises.

Leg Extension/ Leg Curl Station

This cam-driven leg developer will help you develop incredible knee strength in precise biomechanical form while working your quadriceps and hamstrings.

Seated Row / Low Pulley Station

Seated row exercises, which train the challenging lower lats as well as the middle back, are crucial for having well-developed backs. The low pulley rotates smoothly and completely to offer precise resistance for a variety of exercises, including cable curls, upright rows, shrugs, leg abduction, leg adduction, and more.

Dual 210 Lb. Alloy Steel Weight Stacks

Modern nylon bushings are used in two weight stacks for incredibly smooth and quiet operation.

DuraFirm™ Pads

Durable, tear-resistant, and fully supported DuraFirm!  The padding is double-stitched and sewn. This premium, high-density pads offer a LIFETIME of support and comfort.

Weight Stack Shrouds

Each weight stack is completely encircled by two full-length, solid steel shrouds for better safety and aesthetics.


Model Number EXM3000-WHT
Frame Durable Steel Construction
Weight Stack 2 x 95 Kg
Upholstery Comfortable
Item Dimensions (LWH) 231 x 185 x 210 cm
Item Weight NA
Warranty 12 Months
Brand Origin United States