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      The world's first folding bicycle small enough to fit under the train was invented by the Hon brothers. With over 220 plus patents and 30 years of growth, DAHON is the leader in folding bike technology. Dr David T Hon - a tinker and cyclist came up with this clever idea when he was in the pursuit of achieving his PhD in Physics from UCLA in the 70s. Every day he had to dismantle the wheels of his bicycle to stuff into his car that was parked away on campus.As years passed by, Hon after his successful completion in laser technology at Hughes Research Centre gave up his growing career and finally focused on the vision of " folding green transportation". Hon was successful in achieving his first seven patents for his idea in partnership with his brother, Henry, an industrial engineer with a computer sciences degrees. After a lot of struggles, the brothers set up their first production factory in Taiwan and rolled out 6000 bikes in first six months itself and was a great success. Dr David Hon's achievement of patents in the field of technology for frame and wheel configurations, metal alloys and folding mechanism became the foundation to 98%of today's folding bicycles. Operating in more than 30 countries delivering more than five million DAHON folding bikes, they are unchallengeable global leaders of folding bicycles.