PTP Powertube

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Designed for burning calories, it's ideal for all types of fitness levels and offers unique safety features.

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Long Description

PTP PowerTube+ - Ultra-Light Whether your goal is to achieve fat burning, muscle building or body toning, the PTP PowerTube+ is the ultimate fitness tool. Highly portable, it can target any muscle group: arms, shoulders, chest, back, abs, glutes and legs. Place your door anchor through a door at any height to recreate all the top gym workouts anywhere and anytime. Exercises included. -Unique safety feature: ICT (Inner Cord Technology) that prevents the tube from extending past its maximum stretching capacity/breaking point -Premium latex tubing: manufactured through a continuous immersion process for unmatched durability and performance -Door anchor: leverages workout possibilities by allowing exercises in multiple positions and at various angles -Over 40 top gym exercise included -Resistance level: Ultra-Light - 2.2 kg

Model Number PPPTP-3