Therabody RecoveryAir PRO Compression Bundle

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About this item

  • 60-Second Full Flush with FastFlush Technology
  • 4 Internal, Overlapping Hygienic Chambers - A Special & Clean Design
  • Safe and effective precise pressure control
  • 4 types of inflation cycles: sequential, wave, isolation, and flow
  • Variation in Pressure Hold Time (1-10 Seconds)
  • Variation in Pressure Release Time (10 - 60 Secs)
  • Sharing of Basic and Pro programs
  • Tracking My Recovery Stats
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Brand origin: USA


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Product Description

One of the more unpleasant effects of any physical training has always been the soreness that follows. However, in recent years, the technology behind muscle recovery devices has advanced significantly, and there are now some truly fantastic products on the market that significantly reduce recovery times.

Therabody is one of the key players in this rapidly expanding industry, and they provide a full line of products that can help your body get ready for exercise and recover more quickly afterward. Pneumatic compression is one of the key strategies for accelerating recovery times. This mechanical massage improves blood flow, brings down swelling, and eases fatigue and soreness in the muscles.

Anyone can see the enormous advantages that this type of treatment can offer; you don't have to be a gym nut. Regular use of the Therabody Recovery Air Pro Compression Legs can alleviate this kind of muscular distress. Even a short, strenuous walk or a particularly demanding day at work can leave you in considerable pain the next few days.

So what does the Therabody Recovery Air Pro actually do? They are the most complete and fully customizable circulation-boosting system offered by Therabody, and they are their top-of-the-line Pneumatic Compression System. Anyone can use this simple-to-use system to try out this clinically tested recovery technology.

You can easily access guided recovery programs through the Therabody App; just pair your device with it via Bluetooth, then sit back and relax as the Recovery Air Pro does its thing. The user can use a variety of pressure applications that can be customized for a range of treatment options thanks to the four inflation cycles.

Utilizing TruGrade Technology, the Therabody Recovery Air Pro applies precise pressure to your feet before moving up to your heart. This temporarily improves circulation to the affected area, alleviating muscle fatigue, soreness, and swelling.

The PRO Difference

Total control is yours..

  • 4 pre-programmed options or freestyle PRO Mode.
  • Change a variety of pressure and time settings precisely. There are four various preset inflation cycles available.
  • Control each chamber's pressure separately.

TruGrade Technology™

Precise pressure is applied to produce a safer true negative gradient from the feet to the heart and back. To maximize circulation, this is crucial.

2-3x faster than competitors⊃1; with FastFlush Technology™

It takes just 60 seconds to complete an inflation and deflation cycle. Therefore, there will be more cycles per session. For you, this means a quicker recovery.


Model Number TBY-RA02303