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Xebex Fitness Runner ACTAR-08

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About this item

  • Curved, self-generated, non-motorized treadmill
  • 10mm thick, shock-absorbing, vulcanized rubber running surface
  • Convenient smart connect console
  • Leading Drive System in the Industry
  • Comes with a user-friendly console
  • It burns 30% more calories
  • Designed for high-intensity interval training
  • Features pillow block bearings and tension adjuster
  • Users can set target time and distance goals with ease

Xebex Fitness

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Product Description

The Xebex Runner is a self-generating, curved treadmill without motors. It uses no electricity but, instead, runs on the power of the runner's own movement on the treadmill. There is no maximum or minimum speed setting, so both experienced runners and people who have never run before can run at any speed they want and change output as needed. The Xebex Runner was created to have the largest "sweet spot" and best response to user speeds.

Our 10mm thick, low-impact, shock-absorbing, vulcanized rubber running surface gives the runner greater comfort and reduces impact during long runs and sprints. proven to burn 30% more calories than conventional, motorized treadmills.

Best Responsiveness

The Xebex Runner was created with the best responsiveness and the largest "sweet spot" in the industry. We define the "sweet spot" as the areas on the treadmill where users will run to maintain, increase, or decrease speed. The greater the "sweet spot," the simpler it is for runners to maintain their current pace, accelerate into an all-out sprint, or slow down to a walk or low-speed jog as necessary. Users can take advantage of the Xebex Runner's responsiveness when they want to increase, maintain, or decrease speed. The Xebex Runner's slats are very responsive to the user's speed at high, medium, and low speeds, as users will discover.

Low Impact

Rubber shock-absorbing slats lessen the impact on joints like the knees and hips, resulting in a much more comfortable and secure training environment.

Easy-to-Use Smart Connect Console

The Xebex Runner console, which was designed with long-distance runs and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) in mind, keeps you updated on your Time, Calories burned, Distance, Speed, Watts, RPM, and Pace while offering a variety of heart-rate and interval programs. Compatible with a range of smartphone fitness apps as well as software for group leaderboards.

Multi-Functional: Walk Backwards with Resistance

The Runner has a resistance knob at the back of the base that allows users to alter the tension of the belt to move forward. With this special feature, it is possible to use the treadmill to walk backward while facing the console.
The following advantages result from walking backward, which stimulates stronger muscles and tendons than walking forward:

  • Lower possibility of injury
  • Stronger joints and knees
  • Less back and knee discomfort
  • Boost the stamina of runners
  • Better performance all around

Why go with the Xebex Runner?

  • Reduces the necessity for long-distance travel (space-saving)
  • Capable of changing up training (walking with heavy resistance or moving at a faster pace with less resistance).
  • General adaptability
  • Training can be done indoors or outdoors, regardless of the weather ("no days off")

Strong and stable

Even during the most strenuous workouts, the Runner, at 332 pounds, maintains its strength. With our precisely engineered deck, the user won't experience slipping or the sensation that the treadmill is moving too quickly for their legs and feet to keep up during sprints. The high-quality bearings and slight angle produce a smooth, comfortable feeling that allows users to easily maintain speed like running on a track instead of the sensation of "walking in sand" during low-speed jogs or walks.

Leading-Drive System

The Xebex Runner was designed to be easier to maintain and to require less maintenance than comparable competing models. We use 4x Pillow Block Bearings as opposed to others who use ball bearings. Without removing any components from the internal frame, the Pillow Block Bearings can be replaced with the Xebex Runner in under 5 minutes. Most competing designs require the internal frame to be disassembled in order to access the interior bearings, which increases maintenance time by more than 4 hours.

Increased effectiveness

Compared to using a standard motorized treadmill, you can burn 30% more calories. Because the curved runner is self-powered, it is similar to walking outdoors in that the hamstrings, glutes, and core are more heavily utilized.


  • Features include Interval, Pace, Target Finish Time, Target Distance, Target Calories, and Split Time.
  • The console will also record previous data, such as the number of miles run, the distance traveled, the summary at the end of a workout, the number of calories burned, the maximum speed, and more.
  • Define your interval training plans using time, distance, or calories.
  • Set a goal for your distance, calories, or heart rate.
  • Improve previous benchmarks by setting "Target Time + Distance" and the console will actively remind you if you're "on pace" or need to run "faster" in order to finish the targeted distance within the targeted time
  • Set "Event Mode" to easily manage competitions and athlete testing.
  • Console is compatible with a variety of smartphone apps and group leaderboard software
  • Compatible with ANT+ chest belts.


Model Number ACTAR-08
Usage Home Use
Motor Type Motorless
Maximum User Weight 159 Kg
Running Area / Belt Size (LxW) 67 x 17 Inches
Item Dimensions (LWH) 180 x 89 x 152 cm
Package Dimensions (LWH) 185 x 91 x 56 cm
Item Weight 150.7 Kg
Warranty 12 Months
Brand Origin Taiwan


Package Weight 182.5 Kg