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      Great minds lead to great inventions! With over 80 years of existence, York Barbell is the " Strongest Name in Fitness" especially in the world of athletics for improved performance and quality lifestyle. Way back in 1932 Bob Hoffman known as " Father of World Weightlifting" by International Weightlifting Federation introduced Strength and Health magazine that inspired 1000's of readers to seek advises from Bob on fitness programs that led to the birth of "YORK" brand. Known for his wisdom for physical strength and training, Bob was the coach to the USA's Olympic Weightlifting team from 1948 to 1964. As a creative writer of books and articles, Hoffman actively promoted the advantages of daily exercise and encouraged to follow a diligent regime to the military and the common mass. The first nutritional supplements were introduced successfully in the early 1950's by Hoffman and the first energy bar was developed in 1966. Bob's expertise in weightlifting has been successful in producing Olympic Weightlifting champions like Bill Good, Joe Miller, John Davis, Pete George and much more! Being present in both worlds - home and commercial, York has gained varied experience which they bring to every product.