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Treadmill - Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the treadmill used to burn fat?

A treadmill can be preferred for running for overweight people as it puts less stress on the joints. It can help burn belly fat and they also help in removing visceral fat and thus aids in getting shape.


Which are the best treadmill Jeddah brands?

There are many international as well as local treadmill Jeddah brands that are fully featured as well as effective with their innovative traits. ProForm, Horizon Fitness, BH Fitness, Life Fitness, Impulse Fitness, NordicTrack, TA Sport, Spirit Fitness, Strength Master, Sole Fitness, Reebok Fitness, Matrix, Axox, WNQ, Bowflex, SportsArt Fitness, Assault, Kaesun Fitness, Insight Fitness, Stex, Xebex Fitness, Schwinn, Steelflex, True Fitness, Biotek Fitness, AC, Xterra Fitness, Nautilus, FreeMotion, LifeSpan, Afton, Wesson, etc. are some of the common treadmill Jeddah brands.


What is the common treadmill price in KSA?

Treadmill price in KSA varies according to the features and size of the treadmill you choose. You can get a treadmill on your budget in KSA from Active Fitness Store as this online shop has a wide collection of treadmills of different brands in different price ranges.


Which is the famous treadmill Saudi Arabia store?

Active Fitness Store is the most popular treadmill Saudi Arabia store. With numerous brands and wide collections of treadmills with different features, the Active Fitness store is the best choice in Saudi Arabia. You can get treadmills of different weights and sizes to accommodate users of different weights.


How to find treadmill Riyadh online stores?

Active Fitness Store is the most popular treadmill Riyadh online store. You can choose from treadmills of different features and prices from the Active Fitness Store. Just order your favorite equipment and the product will be delivered to your doorstep within days.


The reasons to own a treadmill


A treadmill is a piece of ideal equipment for weight loss and improved fitness. Walking, jogging, and running on a treadmill can help in burning excess calories and also improve the strength and health of your heart and lungs. Treadmills have been helping millions of people in their weight loss and fitness goals.


One of the major advantages of treadmills is that you can regulate the speed of your run, jog, or walk and so you can avoid training too hard on your initial days of workout. After crossing the basic fitness levels, you can gradually increase the speed and challenge yourself. You can include a treadmill in your interval training too.


As most of us lead a hectic life these days, it is very hard to find a regular time for workouts. It will be beneficial if we get to do exercises at a flexible time convenient to us. A treadmill can be used to work out at any time. You don’t have to worry about the weather outside either. Be it rain or burning sun, you can continue your workout on a treadmill without any hurdles.


Most of the time working out can be boring. But if you have a treadmill to workout, you can escape from your boredom by watching TV, listening to music, or even having a conversation with your partner along with your workout. Buying a treadmill for home use can be beneficial for the whole family as every member of the family can use it on their schedule for workouts. You can save a lot of gym membership fees by buying a treadmill. It is a long-term investment that will help you save a good amount.


Factors affecting treadmill price


The treadmill price largely depends on the features and comfort the treadmill provides. The CHP of a treadmill has a great role to play. People looking for long and frequent workouts will need a treadmill of more CHP. High-powered machines will allow higher weight capacities too. But you will have to pay more for a treadmill of higher CHP. The belt or deck size of your treadmill is also a factor in determining the price of the treadmill. The console display size and weight capacity also contribute to the price of a treadmill.

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